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The ABC Workshops

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The ABC Workshops: Basic Tools for Health and Life

This workshop is designed to present and make available some important and significantly valuable skills, tools, and techniques that can have substantial impact on one's health and state of well-being when learned and practiced.

We will use Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises to reduce and neutralize the effects of stress and tension on the body. These exercises also open the "Nine Doors," a set of important joint areas in the body; and stimulate and circulate the Chi (internal energy), leading to energetic balancing of the body, emotions, mind, and Spirit.

Meditative techniques will be taught to increase internal awareness and focus, as well as to deepen grounding and centering. Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and meditation are powerful rejuvenators and regenerators: they represent the critical foundation of the Asian Health & Healing systems.

Fundamentals of diet and nutrition will be presented, with emphasis on how to learn from your body and create your unique dietary regimen. Exercises for developing communication and listening skills are also a part of this ABC workshop, as are a spectrum of thoughts, ideas, and concepts that may turn out to be real gems for you.

This workshop can serve as an introduction to the internal healing and health arts. It also offers valuable insights to the more learned practitioners as well.

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Lenzie's article, the Art of Integrated Health (in PDF format) was originally published on the Walk with Wellness website.

Questions? Please contact instructor Lenzie Williams by telephone at: 510-655-0218.

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Lenzie Williams teaches Tai Chi classes in Berkeley, California, and Tai Chi workshops throughout the United States and in Europe. Please visit his website for details.